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Re: Talking about road tubeless
« on: July 10, 2012, 07:27:38 am »
Jim keeps asking me how I like the feel of this or that tire.

Hmmm... Common theme here.  I keep asking my wife the same question, as I've been swapping her tires around too.  Seems that I get the same response that Jim does.  Seriously, what's with you ladies? Can't you tell the difference between round profile and square? Ramped and siped lugs vs. blocks? Definitely more sensitivity is needed here.  More feel for how the rubber hits the dirt.   ;D

Lynn, sliding on loose gravel is normal with any tire.  It only gets better if you have wider tires (like 2.3") with heavier lugs, but then you compromise hardpack XC performance and rolling weight.  It is disconcerting, for sure, the first time you hit this stuff and feel your bike squirming beneath you.  There is no way to avoid it except to learn how to ride through it.  Lower pressures sure help absorb the rough if it's large gravel, but it will take a few cruises through this stuff before you feel more comfortable.  Think of it as the mtn. bike equivalent of skiing crud -- you gotta learn to love it, then the whole mountain becomes fun. 

Cheers, and keep on riding!

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