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Re: Talking about road tubeless
« on: July 04, 2012, 03:36:09 pm »
It all sounds good Jim.  You realize, of course, that you are my human lab mouse in this ongoing experiment :D  If all your hair falls out and you get a nasty rash on your arms and legs, then no way am I going tubeless!   :o

Seriously, keep me posted on how the sealant works with the Karma in particular, which I assume is a non-SCT version(?)  The Slant Six that I have are non-SCT, and I have hesitated to put sealant into them for fear that it will all seep out the sidewalls in some alien-like goo, or get eaten from the inside.  Since they are almost new, I am not keen to replace them just yet only to try tubeless.

Keep up the good work!