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Re: Talking about road tubeless
« on: July 04, 2012, 08:52:12 am »
No good comparison before and after of individual components. The tubeless wheels are wider than the older wheels, so that's part of the handling but the tires are also a big part of that. On expansion joints, I hear the thunk but only 'feel' half the thunk. That's partly the carbon in the wheels but more the tubeless tires. As a side benefit I am also faster downhill due to better bearings and better aero of the wheel/tire combo (but they don't really look it).  Road tubeless (dry) is holding air as well or better than with tubes.

Mtb tubeless. I got a Conti X-King RTR (nee Protection) at 570 grams for the 2.2 size and it sealed dry well enough to ride (would leak down after 2 days).  I gave it a shot of Pit Stop (18 grams) and it sealed up. I plan to leave it dry and see. This same tire UST is over 740 grams, and I now have the a better tire at lighter weight.

I will be converting the other mountain bike tires (not tubeless compatible) from Stan's to Hutchinson's Fast'Air because the Hutchinson's lasts longer, isn't corrosive to rims, and the synthetic latex doesn't affect butyl rubber.  I've only done a Kenda Karma for Lynn, and that went as easily as with Stan's.
Using soapy water and getting the bead into the center channel of the wheel is crucial for tubeless wheels, but tire levers not required.

Lynn's not too sure how she likes the Karma's tubeless on the back though, so may be a tire change there. She needs more riding time first to play with pressure. We will probably swap tires on our bikes for next ride. I'm very pleased with the X-Kings apparent versatility, but the Karma's are pretty good for someone light like her but they have a really thin sidewall construction.
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