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Re: Talking about road tubeless
« on: June 29, 2012, 07:37:03 am »

I now have road bike tubeless wheels mounted with Maxxis Padrone tubeless tires, no sealant, and am looking forward to my first ride tonight.  They are holding air quite well, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the difference is between riding at F/R pressures of 90/105 and now going to 80/90.

As you know, Hutchinson in the standard in road bike tubeless, so here's my reasons for going with the Maxxis Padrone.
1. I'm always in favor of competition and new ideas, so would love for Maxxis to have enough business to encourage others to enter the market.
2. Bushwacka confirmed Maxxis as a good brand in the mtb arena.
3. For a company to create a new tire knowing what the competition is, and then price the tire higher than Hutchinson sounds like the felt they had a better mousetrap. (in my case, I got them "sort of" free).
4. They use silk (called "Silkworm") for their puncture protection. Another thread I found was discussing silk as a bike tire material in general and led me to believe that I would like to give it a try.
5. They made the beads of the tire softer to facilitate better sealing. However, lots of warnings about being gentle when mounting, and in fact they include two tire levers with each tire. Mine sealed with no effort (but I've learned soapy water DOES facilitate the process).  I didn't quite get them mounted completely by hand, but it certainly wasn't a major effort.  The key is keeping the bead in the center channel as you work around the tire.
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