Author Topic: A male's take on Yoga.  (Read 826 times)


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Re: A male's take on Yoga.
« Reply #15 on: May 09, 2012, 09:24:11 am »
I've heard this too!


Yes, my first and favorite class instrutor is a guy. Middle aged, shaved head,  with a VERY nice body.
Not hard to look at at all.

So I read the article last night. About what I expected. Nothing new.

I do vinyasa yoga which is a flow yoga. Poses are not held for long periods and one is encouraged to smoothly transition from one asana to the next.

I also self moderate and can feel when something is not right for me. And I listen. Mostly ;)

Now the article did mention thoracic outlet syndrome, which I did need surgery for. 10 yrs ago. Quite unpleasant.
But the main culprit of that was swimming and shopping, yes, shopping. The heavy bag on the shoulder in addition to shopping bags in each hand caused the blood clot in my armpit. Not yoga.

I tried Bikram once. I don't get the attraction. Dehydration and a false sense of improved flexibility d/t heat doesn't seem wise to me.

And by all means, be careful of the neck! I rarely do headstands anymore. If I do, the head has the least amount of weight on them of the three fulcrum points. I prefer forearm or hand stands.

But Max, in no way am I trying to convince you to do yoga. Kinda like skiing, find what works for you and follow that path.

We need to stop. We are giving Svend way too much entertainment. :o :D
"Play it Sam"