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Re: A male's take on Yoga.
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BTW, poplulation of the US = 313 million

That's just the Census number.  The real number is much higher than that I think.  ::)

Actually I was amazed at the 100 million number for bike riders. 1 in 3 of the general population is much higher than I would have thought, and higher than my local experience.  I would find it easy to believe that one in 3 has an unused bicycle in the garage, however.
But I do think that a lot of kids (12 and under) wind up playing some sort of tackle football in the back yard during football season.  Probably the same ones that ride their bicycle every now and again. 
And, obviously, my arguments have devolved into the silly -- but I am proud of the competitive yoga find.  That qualifies yoga as a sport, and shows exactly the behavior that your original post highlighted and things the general population should not attempt.
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