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Re: Mountain Bike Tires
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Thanks Svend. That does make sense. Yes, since the middle of last year it feels like they are working well.  I read somewhere that rebound should be as slow as possible as long as you aren't hitting bumps so frequently aht you wind up compressing the front shock.  Since I subsribe to LivingProof's theory of moderation in all things, we are probably at about 8 clicks out of 11 towards the soft end. And same on the rear shock.

Our biggest learning curve was pulling up on the handlebars to climb - and that coupled with shocks that were rebounding too quickly back then made pulling the front wheel off the ground way too easy.  I've ridden some of those same trails since then and they are actually pretty easy (with the weight forward, the shocks slower, and hands softer, and pedaling less hard in the low gears). I guess that was another difference, the torque that we could generate in the lower gears is day and night from low gears on a road bike.
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