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Re: Impressive skiing
« on: April 13, 2012, 08:15:05 am »
That is, to anyone's eye, just great skiing.  Reilly looks almost Berger-esque in that video!

I assume this is the Reilly who used to post up the bump videos on Epic??  Looked good then and still looks good.  Was that his friend Paul in the red (during the bump sequence) who made the australian 'How to Ski Moguls' Dvd???  He looked good too.

You know, seeing you put up videos like this coupled with knocking the suspect skiing of Dan Egan and certain PSIA luminaries makes me think that JBotti was right after all.  You might just find a home on the PMTS forums.

Although, if I recall, the Reilly on epic once really ripped HH in a pretty phlegmatic thread---but I suspect that that was due more to the fact that HH had criticized his friend's DVD promo than any real technique disagreement he had with HH.

Regardless, his skiing in that video is something that PMTSers and anyone who wants to ski like an expert can really appreciate.  Nice find.

this is the same guy and he is not friends with HH at all..

He is a member of Aspen Ski School Demo as well as Australia's national demo team and I use to ski with him quite a bit when we both work at the bird together. He IMO is more impresive to watch in person.

Also egan is not a PSIA guy.....I suspect he would have issues passing his L2.....