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Krypton Pro/ Cross ID
« on: January 27, 2007, 06:44:44 pm »
Welcome to Colorado, looking for a higher performance, closer fitting boot (than the Lange FR120 with Zipfit) I looked in lots of shops, got told I was two different sizes and then was offered the same size boot with last years Plug Zipfit. Not being too enamoured with the 90 minute drive to that shop (considering that they didn't have stock on the day), I tried yet another shop (one that fitted my VIST plates to my Stockli Skis) with a good reputation and got talked into trying on these boots.

Got measured up as a full cm shorter sole length than last year and so the process started. Good custom footbeds (2nd firmest - not the race hard ones) and then the thermo fit process for the bespoke Intuition liner. As I lost the will to live (it does feel like  vacuum pump is trying to suck the life out of one's feet) I saw why the shop in Wanaka that does these boots offers one a cold beer during the fitting process.

No punching or grinding for a shell that is significantly narrower and shorter (I know the purists say that it is only a reletively low volume fit not a race fit but it is still a fair size change). I skiied all day on them the following day and they felt plush. Back to the shop to say thank you for an excellent job. They have been great ever since.

I am writing this as many Zipfit types said that if one liked the feeling of Zipfit the Intuition would feel a bit soft. They feel plush but they are definitely close fitting and extremely responsive. I would say that anyone who has problems with a standard liner should give them a try. The bonus over Zipfit/ Lange is that the Krypton Cross ID is half the weight. If I start to outgrow the flex I can buy the race tongue and boot board - bonus, as the boot material is exactly the same (except colour).

I still believe in Zipfit but am now also an exponent of the Krypton/ Intuition blend as it is light, warm, firm, plush and precise.

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