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Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum Poles


I lost a fiber composite ski pole during a powder fall in Tahoe due to not using pole straps, a bad habit from eastern skiing. For the balance of that day and for my season, I use Aluminum poles and the experience was not pleasant. My hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders all became sensitive to pressure from pole plants and pushing off on poles on flats. It's been many years since I used Aluminum and seem to remember they did a good job of transmitting shock vibration to my body, but, still I was surprised by how quickly the body reacted. For sure, another way that my body tells me it's ageing.  :-[

So, I just purchased a pair of Goode G-Carbon poles for next season. Light and flexible.

I do plan to keep my Al. poles and bring them west as I also found out that my narrow eastern ski pole baskets absolutely suck in deep powder. Not fun pushing down on a pole and not having it stop.


Carbpn fiber vs aluminum poles is just like bikes.  The carbon fiber is better at absorbing vibrations, and in a ski pole will usually also be a bit flexible which further absorbs any  plant impact..  On my Leki poles I have two sets of baskets that are interchangeable.  Plus, I like the trigger connection to the gloves instead of strap.

Goode carbon poles are a good(e) choice..


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