Author Topic: Advice needed for all-mtn. ski, eastern use -- mid 80's, or mid 90's?  (Read 1102 times)


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Hey Max, thanks for the recommendations.  I haven't seen the 84's in a shop yet, but I checked out this year's iPeak 78 recently, and they seemed a wee bit on the soft side.  Not sure if this translates directly as an indicator of how the 84's might feel (being in the same series, similar construction), but they certainly seemed a lot softer than the previous iM78 (pre-flowride).  BTW, I demoed the iM78 a few years ago and really liked it.  So much so, I bought my wife a pair (see my other thread on those).  But I kind of lost interest in the Monster/Peak line since Head softened them up last year.  I'm a big guy, at 6'2" / 220 lbs, so would prefer a ski with a bit of stiffness. 

What's the new iPeak 84 like? Stiffer than the 78? If so, then maybe worth a look.  I will check out some reviews too, which I haven't done for this ski as it has just not been on my radar.  Now, if I can find a new pair of 2010 iM88's.....that would wake my interest.... 8)  Supposed to be outstanding in every snow condition, and solid.

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