Author Topic: Advice needed for all-mtn. ski, eastern use -- mid 80's, or mid 90's?  (Read 1102 times)


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Hey Josh, thanks for the input.  I have read some great things about the Steadfast, and it is winning Best of Test in a number of ski reviews here and in Europe.  Hard snow performance is supposed to be excellent, and it carves like a race ski apparently.  Interesting description you gave -- love child of Bushwacker and Kendo.  Good one! This is definitely high on my short list.

As for stiffness and flex pattern.... keeping in mind the other skis in my quiver (as noted above) is it suitable for a guy my size?  6'2", 220lbs.  Does it have a uniform flex, or stiff tail w. softer shovel?

FYI, as for width choice, 100mm is probably too much.  I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of days I could have used a 100mm+ ski in the past 6 years of my skiing adventures.  Any soft snow and crud days have been well handled by my Mythics at 88mm.  And if I do end up somewhere and get blessed by a 36" dump, then I will rent a wide board for a day or two.

Thanks again!