Author Topic: Advice needed for all-mtn. ski, eastern use -- mid 80's, or mid 90's?  (Read 1102 times)


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Hi Mike,

Sorry, I should have clarified:  this is to be the wider part of an eastern quiver.  I have two narrow skis -- the Progressor 9, and the Nordica Mach 3, one of which I may be parting company with.  This leaves a quiver gap, with the Mythics making their way to a second home out west (sister-in-law's house in Calgary).  I would really like a wider ski for days of eastern "powder", and the frequent crud and junk that follows a snowfall on our local hill, as well as trips to Quebec, Lake Placid, etc..  For these conditions, I really don't need anything wider than, say, 85mm or so.  But I may also take junkets to Utah, Wyoming, BC interior, in which case having a wider ski at hand would be gold.  So, having said that, if there is a 90mm+ ski that can handle eastern hard snow and ice, and have some off-piste ability too, then I'd certainly consider it.

As for skiing together, how about coming to Banff in April with Gary and I? Conditions should be great until mid- to late May.  My wife skied Louise and Sunshine last May 9 to 14, and nary a melting snowflake to be seen.  Full-on winter conditions.  Amazing.  Best part, it's probably no farther to fly to than Denver.  Got passport, will travel!
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