Author Topic: Advice needed for all-mtn. ski, eastern use -- mid 80's, or mid 90's?  (Read 1102 times)


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Are you looking for a new eastern daily driver or a second ski that can used in better eastern conditons? While our home mountain conditions differ a little, it hurts my head (and knees) to think about skiing a wide, stiff ski on a daily basis on hard snow. I've been considering looking at an alternative to my Kastle 88's as I've just been spending too little time on them due to small mountain I ski. Admittedly, I'm also biased toward skis that make shorter radius turns and that are responsive to tipping movements. We've not skied together (and that need to change next season) but it only makes sense to ski a wider ski if one likes just crusing via larger GS type turns. Don't even want to think about icy bumps on fat skis.

Don't get me wrong, I've had some great days on the 88's, and they have expanded my fun zone, but, lack of precision and quickness is a detriment.

Sorry, but I can't offer any thoughs regarding your possible selecitons as they are from a classificaion that just does not work for me...    I'd prefer to take a narrower carver into soft snow and light pow rather than fight a fat board on hard snow. That's only my view, others will surely disagree.

If it actually is a second ski in the eastern quiver, forget all that I said. :P :P