Author Topic: Advice needed for all-mtn. ski, eastern use -- mid 80's, or mid 90's?  (Read 1102 times)


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My short list, so far.  All 90mm or less.  In no particular order of preference.

-- Fischer Motive 84 C-Line
-- Nordica Jet Fuel (84mm)
-- Nordica Burner (84mm)
-- Nordica Steadfast (90mm)
-- Elan Apex (88mm)
-- Volkl Kendo (88mm; supposed to be be near-identical to the 10/11 Apex)
-- Dynastar Legend/Sultan 85
-- Head iM88, pre-2011 without Flowride, if I can still find one

As mentioned, I know of no 90mm+ ski that has good eastern snow cred.  Scott Crusade or Venture might be there, but there is little info on their hard snow /  ice abilities.

Any comments or feedback on the above most welcome.