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"The Ski" by Scott
« on: March 31, 2013, 11:00:17 am »
The the recent Epic Montana Gathering, Philpug lent me a new ski from Scott, called "The Ski". Those of us who have been around skiing for a few decades will remember the name and the distinctive graphic, featuring square on the topsheets. The original designer linked up with Scott to reintroduce "The Ski" for next year.
Regulars here will remember that I was looking for a 85-90 waist ski to take west and got a Head Rev 85. I skied The Ski (93 waist) in a 185 and had a great day on it in soft snow, bumps and trees.

Here what I wrote in a epic review:

Today, at the Moonlight Basin Gathering day, Phil gave me the 185cm: 93mm underfoot (18M/23M/15M) " The Ski"  to demo for an entire day. In full disclosure, when I read Phil's review above, and, was a little concerned about his objectivity because he wanted this ski to be great. I was reassured when I saw that he brought the 175 version as his daily driver for the Gathering, and, that's short and narrow compared to his normal skis of choice. He did tell me that it should be a great ski for me, so, with that in mind:
Conditions were refrozen snow for the first hour and first runs were high speed blue cruisers, done with the entire Gathering crew, who are fast. Think 20+ skiers, starting almost at the same time, blasting down a trail. I would have struggled with my carving skis, so making some skidded turns was no big deal, plus, I need to spend time on a ski to know it. On the second run, I was following Chris Geib, who was on Head Sl's and just laying RR tracks whend I just ( tried } to follow his tracks and the skis just came to life. They get on edge quickly and just carved, I'm smiling and thinking "these could be really good".
As the snow continued to soften, they were just a pleasure to ski. Nice balance, tips not stiff. Started taking them into bumps, no problems....and, I'm not a bump skier. A little later, took them into trees with bumps, again, they just carve, or skid through turns. Whatever I asked, they did. While they are 185's, they ski very short, really easy to initiate turns. Physically, very easy to ski on, as they are not demanding. No speed limits at the lower speeds I ski on. I just kept being amazed about how easily they carve and gave a great sense of grip on the softer snow. On the last runs just cruising down they went arc to arc very well with minimal input.
Phil skied with us on the 175 THE SKI. He just makes those ski in tight arcs and makes skiing bumps and trees look easy. Too bad for met that the 175"s did not have adjustable bindings.
I'm an eastern skier but if I were looking for softer snow ski that just does it all, for me, it would be very easy to fall in love with The Ski.

The full review can be seen at:

The distinctions between the Rev 85 and The Ski 93 in the west are, indeed, about what should be expected. The Ski is softer and more compliant in bumps and would be great for building that technique. It gets on edge more easily, but, not a carver in the class of a the Head Rev. It's more fun to ski in soft snow than the Rev 85, but, that's  not a knock on the Rev. At almost 10 cm longer, The Ski, with rocker, turns easier than the Rev. If I were taking 2 pair of skis west, The Ski would be a great match with my Hart Pulse for hard, one for soft. The Rev is a better one ski quiver.

So, my mind is debating discussing with Phil, a swap of the Rev for "The Ski", and, taking both west next season. All of you are a bad influence of keeping a stable quiver. :P
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