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Re: Hart Pulse - Better late than never
« Reply #30 on: March 14, 2013, 02:48:46 pm »
Hi All. I found this forum when searching for info on mounting Hart Pulses. I recognized a few of you big dawgs and decided to join.

The Hart Pulses 170s are fun! I mounted Head PRD12 powerrails so I can mess around with boot locations and allow my son and others to use them.

(If anyone needs a Power rail template: )

As a point of comparison for location HighAngles, can you pull a tape from the tail to your +32mm BSC location? After reading other posts and corresponding with others (including Bob Barnes) +2 from the '469' mark sounded like the sweet spot.

Before mounting the bindings I performed a couple wax cycles, including 'the poor man's hot box' approach (reheat and cool prep wax a few times before hot scraping, cooling reheating, cool, scrape & brush). It was noticeable that by the third round of reheating the wax, the bases absorbed a substantial amount of the wax. I'm not sure that I had noticed this before with other new skis.....

FWIW, As another trick for finding the arc center/narrowest part, lock calipers or other device to an arbitrary length less than the widest on the tail. Move towards the tails until it stops and mark. Do the same towards the tips and mark. Half between should be the center of the arc and narrowest part of the ski.
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