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Re: Hart Pulse - Better late than never
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Jim - The Hart Pulse skis are 170cm while the Head Chip 78 skis are 171cm.  This fact can account for some of the difference you're seeing, but also keep in mind that I use Center of Effective Edge in my calculation - not Center of Running Length or Center of Base Length.  By using the Effective Edge (EE), the calculation works better no matter what kind of "interesting" tip or tail design may be employed.

So in the pictures I posted the skis are aligned by the end of their tails (standing up on the floor).  If you truly want to compare binding positions between skis, it is necessary to line up their Center of Effective Edge marks. 

I actually own two pairs of Head Chip 78 skis.  I have a 171cm with a mount point at +25mm from the factory mark and a 177cm with a mount point of +32mm.

I don't have much experience with Hart so I can't comment on where their factory marks generally land across their ski models.  However, I do have enough experience with the Head line-up to say that Head skis are almost universally marked rearward of where I think most accomplished skiers would prefer to be mounted with their skis.  This is quite common across Austrian/German manufacturers whereas the French skis are typically more forward with their factory mounts.  Elan was also notoriously much further forward, but I haven't been purchasing any Elans in the last couple years so I'm not sure if that still is true.