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Kastle MX 78
« on: February 22, 2012, 03:28:46 pm »
I have been skiing this ski a lot over the past 4 days in Montana. Conditions have been from beautiful grippy snow on groomers to 12-18" of fresh off piste and many conditions in between (but all pretty soft as we have been blessed with a lot of snow). I am skiing the 176cm length with Marker Jesters (? these are the 16 din ones) mounted right on the Kastle line.

The skis are very nice. They are very quick edge to edge and I would say as quick or even quicker the the Head IM 78's . I picked up both sets of skis and had one set on each hand and the Heads are quite a bit heavier. Don't know if this is the bindings, skis or the combo or both, but they are definitely quite a bit lighter. They also ski lighter. They have a very light and snappy feel to them and are not as glued to the snow/damp feel one gets with a Head or Stockli ski. The stated turn radius on these is 18, but in edge lock carved turns this ski will carve pretty tight arcs. The tips are not that stiff and the ski bends nicely and I have been told that it has a dual turn radius. I would say that it carves arcs almost as tight as the IM 78 which has a 15.6 M TR (in the 177cm length which I ski). The rebound from tightly carved arc where there is big tip pressure and the ski has been bent is exceptional. My skis were popping off the ground a solid 6-8 inches into the air on my arcs with the most rebound. For as light as the ski is and feels it is a very solid feel on groomed/hard snow.

Off piste the ski is solid, fun and snappy and incredibly quick. I skied in soft bumps, chop and crud and in 6-10" of fresh and on some punchy wind buff. Skis are quick and responsive and will ski anything they are asked. Again a lighter snappier feel than the IM 78 and quicker as well (i think mainly due to the lightness). Definitely a ski you don't want to take off and want to keep skiing!!

In general, this is a great ski. Fun factor is huge and up against what I consider to be the gold standard in this 78-80mm category, the MX 78 is right there with the IM 78. I would call it lighter and quicker with similar stability.

Now the magic question, is it worth 2X what I pay for Heads. The answer is probably no, but my guess is that Kastle with larger and larger distribution is going to become easier to buy at a decent discount to list.

I can say that I would like to ski more Kastle skis and I am thrilled that I own the MX 78's.

For those looking for an alternative or a replacement for the IM 78, this is the ski if you are willing to pay the premium. My IM 78's have 60-70 days on them and they have lost some of there snap. This will be my new do everything ski.

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Re: Kastle MX 78
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2012, 01:41:03 pm »
Nice JB...glad to hear you liked them...I find their performance and versatility excellent. I have not skied the latest version of the IM78 so I can't make the comparison.

But questions: Have you noticed how quiet the ski feels undefoot? There's so limited vibration transmitted to the feet.  I believe it's the rubber in-lay they put in the core of the entire width and length of the ski...It was one of the first things I noticed. Certainly more noticeable eastern hard snow surfaces for sure.

Also, does the IM78 as solid as the MX78 during high speed GS turns....did you find a speed limit to the Kastle? I find if 've got the will they got the power.

All've got another great ski in your quivver.....happy to hear.

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