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Recon review
« on: January 17, 2007, 04:52:55 pm »
I demoed the Recon at 174cm recently in Utah.  I am a 6'2" 200lb skier advanced skier for 5 years.  I ski everything but I'm not as good in the bumps.  Part of this is lack of experience, conditioning and age (soon to be 51.)

The Recon was a stable, damp, relaxing ride.  I was on firm to hard groomed runs with only a little fresh snow.  They were able to carve nicely if you leaned forward and got out to the side and really held their line.  They are not particularly quick.  The one disconcerting thing I noticed was that the tails would release unpredicatbly on hardpack in steep slopes.  It was not enough to throw me but neither was it confidence inspiring.  My Head IM 75s and the SuperShapes that I also demoed did not do this.

Of course I didn't get to ride them in the kind of conditions in which they are supposed to shine, deeper fresh snow as I understand it.

On the whole a good ski, but one that I would not buy since I live in NC where we frequently have icy slopes.