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Re: Head Peak 84: mini Review
« on: January 27, 2012, 08:21:36 pm »
Good review John.  Update again when you get some more days in.  I'm musing about changing my eastern quiver -- bringing my Mythics out west to stay in Calgary (Banff skiing) as I just don't have much need for them here at home; bringing the Mach 3's that are presently in Calgary back home to Ontario; then getting an 85 to 88 mm ski to fill the all-mtn gap.  These have to have some hard snow capability, which is a weakness of the Mythics. 

The Peak 84 has been in my mind for some time, as I've heard great things.  Head seems back on their game after the dumbing down of their iM78 in recent years.  I really liked that ski when I rented a pair at Louise a couple of years ago.  Others on my short list are the Elan WF 82, Elan Apex, and Fischer Motive 84.

If you get the Peak 84 onto some ice, let me know how it handles it.

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