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Re: Kastle FX84 added
« on: March 28, 2012, 12:28:05 pm »
Ha...Mike....yes... clarify...Loving the MX78's with the 33mm of lift with the Head bindings...feel like a totally new ski, of course th FX84 and the Dps....stay in the quivver.

So....not thinking there's a need to add or replace anything for the 12-13 ski season.. :-\ I"m sure :-[ I mean, why would I ???

Seriously,....things are working great... ::)

Yes, I did see your comment on the LX82. I've heard it's a fun ski one that last time I skied with John Clendenin, he was on a pair and loving them too.

For you sir....any potential additions to your quiver? My brother in law James whom you met at HV....just purchased a pair of the Kastle MX88's. He's had limited time on them but so far ....he's loving them. He's been skiing the Head SS Magnum and had to put on his spurs with the MX88's. one more out west trip left in ya....heading to Banff in April with Svend.....
Best, G