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Re: Kastle FX84 added
« on: March 26, 2012, 12:36:20 pm »
Having recently purchased the 84's and with 0 expectations, I packed my MX78, FX84, and DPS on my trip to Banff....yeah, I know..ALOT of overkill.

I knew the DPS were only going to come out in sloppy spring snow or some deep pow...The unknown was if the snow was crusty and hard early morns...would the 84's fit the bill. So I brought the 78's with their new set up and must say on THE perfect groomer snow sunny day at Mt. Norquay, they were a blast leaving trenchs and hyper carves all over the place. Even in the crud and glades they were fun and manageable.

I was however pleasantly surprised with the versatility and turnablity (same radius as the 78's) of the 84's. This ski gobbled up the crud, the bumps, and chunk along the edges and even some pow in the bowls. Lay down tracks on the groomers, I was not disappointed. It didn't have that hard charge Balls TTW feel but could crank out some pretty awesome hold your butt in their speed turns. Where it truly shined for me was in the bumps, glades and softer crud crunch stuff....the tip and tail are just a wee bit softer than the MX model making it easier to 2 foot it up and down and around the trail banks, trees, bumps..etc. Overall, lot's of energy that is very manageable and predictable. on 84 underfoot...whowuda thunk! month when I head back up....the 84's have their "performed in action" medal along with the Banana's! Now if a freak snow storm of that pefect pow fall....and fall and keep falling...we be smiling!  :D ;D :D ;D  G
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