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OK, so now that I've got a new ski jacket and pants (Spyder OSMO technology) and new gloves (Columbia Outdry technology), I've got me eyes set on some adjustable ski poles. Currently using Goode fixed graphite poles. Looking for something lightweight but with a solid locking mechanism (I've borrowed adjustable poles where the locking mechanisms slip). Any advice appreciated.

This forum is giving my wallet quite a workout!

Why go adjustable? You aren't growing are you? I got my daughter some Leki Trggier grip adjustable poles and they are very nice, but for a fully grown person why add the weight when you can get great fixed length poles that are great.


--- Quote from: jbotti on January 10, 2012, 09:32:38 pm ---You aren't growing are you?
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My wife and kids would say that I am still growing - just not any taller  :P

I'm thinking about adjustable poles because after demoing a pair I want to play around with the length for different conditions e.g. icy groomers, powder, bumps etc..

If I leave my skis at home I can at least bring my own poles in my regular luggage (hate those aluminum rental poles).

You bring up a good point about the weight. Are there adjustable poles that are all carbon?


--- Quote from: smackboy1 on January 10, 2012, 10:12:18 pm ---You bring up a good point about the weight. Are there adjustable poles that are all carbon?

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Black Diamond makes some.  Check out their selection here:

I've had a pair of their Traverse poles for 4-5 years, and they've survived a lot of beatings.  The baskets on these are all bigger than normal poles intended for on-piste usage, so they catch a lot of wind, but I didn't have any other issues with them.  I switched to some Scott aluminum poles once I figured out what length I liked, mostly for baskets that caught less wind.

Leki makes a high end adjustable trigger grip pole. I love the trgger grips and use them on their race slalom poles. This is a lightweight CF/Kevlar pole. It's pricey but it's probably the best adjustable pole made. At this time of year you can probably find them online at a nice discount.


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