Author Topic: All-mountain shortlist, please!  (Read 996 times)


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Re: All-mountain shortlist, please!
« on: January 12, 2012, 08:23:44 am »

Dawgcatching is very much your size and he tips into some pretty nice angles. An issue with Epic reviews is they are dominated by western USA skiers who seem to live wider skis. My understanding is the in Europe, narrower skis still rule, you would know better and we would appreciate any insights you have. Is it easy to find an 88 or wider ski? In the USA, it's hard to find and rent a narrow, around 80 mm waist ski on trips to the west.

In the US, most shops who do weekly rentals will let you do exchanges, and, there is  different price structure for premium skis. Is this true in Europe? Also, I think that the actual conditions expected during that weekwould serve as a guideline to what waist ski rent. You are doing the right thing to make a short list as a guide.

I like clear thinking. Don't get muddled up in a perfect ski. If you like PMTS tipping, find a 78 or less, which has off-piste capability and just do it. Of course, if you can find a HH approved Head, go for that. Selecting a ski is just a starting takes many turns to figure them out. I remember a Dawg quote stating that he thought a ski was just ok, before, he realized he just needed to stop being technique sloppy. He then gave the same ski a great review.