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Marker Griffon Demo Bindings/On Sale at EVO


I just bought a pair of these for $159 on sale at EVO. I don't need them right now but sometime in the next year or so I will and I am only putting adjustable bindings on my wide skis now (so I can dial in the right mount point).

Here is the link in case anyone cares.


Great find on a great Marker adjustable binding. EVO pricing was a little confusing until the final price came up in checkout. I love this binding on my MX88's and think it's the wave of the future. Why have a fixed binding when you can dial in the center or just put it back a little in powder? OK, maybe if you really want a plate to get the binding off the ski, you will need something to create that space, but, on a wide carver, how important is it?

"Wide carver" perhaps a nonsensical phrase! I know it is used often but I persoannly can't call anything wider than 72-73mm underfoot a "carver".

Stand height helps on any ski if you are tipping them, as you get some added leverage. The beauty of the Griffon demo is that it is light so you give up some stand height (versus a railflex demo) for weight. A reasonable trade off.

Ah...i must seek the advice of our forums word wench for clarification. Hmmm, we have none...

I shall refer to the dictionary:

Wide: "having considerable or great extent from side to side"

Carver:"a large matched knife and fork for carving meat"

Maybe the better choice ...Carve:  "to decorate with designs or figures cut on the surfaces"

I must concur with Mike....if I can "decorate any snow surface with designs or figures cut on the surface"....with any thing on my feet that has "considerable or great extent from side to side"....then....I B CARVIN BABY!  8)



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