Author Topic: Right specs for a big, burly intermediate skier  (Read 1968 times)


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Re: Right specs for a big, burly intermediate skier
« on: January 03, 2012, 09:01:57 pm »

Look for a PM from me with my friends contact info. and email address. I trust Phil greatly in ski advise and he also knows what's available from a deal wise perspective. You would be well advised to talk at some point.

Most who post here will confirm that no matter what you think of a ski in your early days of returning to the slopes, your perceptions will change as your skills improve and your experiences expand. The first ski I bought, w/o demo, took two days to figure out what made it tick. I can't say I was impressed the first morning, next day I was smiling. Then, the ski fell a little out of favor on eastern hard snow, I bought a carver, and it got little use. Then in spring soft snow and I just really enjoyed skiing it again. Long way of saying that making the absolute right decision now is not critical. But I do think that getting something around 80 will serve you very well in the future should you keep it to ski older snow.

I smile reading the diversity of thoughts, we all have the truth!

@Liam, above you stated that either Kastle 88 or Dynastar 94 would be good choices. As I own both (the Dynastar remains unskied), I would concur, with the Dynastar far less expensive. I'm still afraid there is too much overlap and wondering if one will be gone at years end.

Calking one area we did not discuss is your budget. I would not advise purchase of an expensive ski. There are some deals, with bindings, for around $600 and that's an area I'd be exploring in a first ski. There are some interesting deals at Starthaus on Blizzard carvers in that range.