Author Topic: Right specs for a big, burly intermediate skier  (Read 2020 times)


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Re: Right specs for a big, burly intermediate skier
« on: January 03, 2012, 04:34:18 pm »
E88...oddly, enough it's big sibling the E98 is a better hard snow ski (and just a better ski all around--seriously, if I were to pick one of that ski to be my all arounder, in Tahoe, it'd be the 98)..  The E88 is nice for lighter guys, not hard to turn---fits well in a three ski quiver, but not so much as your only ski.   Actually neither ski is what you want right now.

I'd bet after a substantial demo of all skis listed by Jim you'd end up with the MX78 in a 176cm and ski it with joy for the next ten years.

As for lengths, I just can't believe that a guy your size, with aspirations of skiing more in Tahoe and Mammoth could ever be happy on a ski less than 175cm.  I know, at half your size, skiing much smaller and less snowy mountains in the east, I wouldn't buy anything under 175cm these days.

Skiing in edge to edge quick, or going fast (or both).  Regardless of what ski you do realize that you can't buy skill and you'll need some focused coaching to acquire the skills you're looking for, right?  If that was in your initial post, I apologize, but I have a three dense paragraph per post maximum for forum reading. 

Clendenin's stuff is pretty easy to digest straight from the book video and you can put it into practice fairly quickly.