Author Topic: Right specs for a big, burly intermediate skier  (Read 1968 times)


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Re: Right specs for a big, burly intermediate skier
« on: January 03, 2012, 02:29:02 pm »

I like your approach of narrowing it down to three skis and two lengths of each, especially since if you can find the brand then you can demo both lengths the same day.
My stab at a demo list for you.  Note that I have not skied any of these skis, just based on looking at RealSkiers reviews. And note that using Realskiers reviews is just like you said in your original post, it's hard to know whether you can personally relate to their reviews. But demoing a few skis will tell you a lot about that.
Not in any order, pick three based on availability or your gut instinct or trust in the shop guys.

Fischer Progressor 900, 175 and 180.  170 is the "reference length", so 180 is two lengths longer.
Kastle MX78, 168 and 176.  168 is the reference length
Atomic BlackEye TI 174 and 180. 174 is reference length. wider waist and rocker
Head iPeak 84 Pro 177 and 184.  170 is reference length, two lengths longer. widest waist, bit of tip rocker
Nordica FireArrow 74, 172 and 180.  172 is the reference length,
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