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Re: Progressor 8+ (2010-11 model)
« Reply #15 on: January 03, 2012, 08:03:54 am »
Lynn...I must take credit or shame  ??? for the crappy weather in the west....heck....for all over the country.

However, my Snowatella danced worked so well just recently and where were you?  :o

Alice and I went to Holiday Valley and skied spring snow on Sunday...weird for this time of year but soft buttery stuff that we had a ball on..

AND then old man winter heaved his lofty chest, and bellowed 8" of fresh pow overnight....we woke up to great pow sking at least for 3 hours before it was traced out....made it a DPS day for me and what a ball we had.

Ellicottville maybe short on terrain and steps but makes up for it and surprise lake snow affect.

AND my son was able to turn in his RX8's due to delamination and they provided him with the latest Progressor 800's. He likes them very much and I think he skis them better that the 8's...which were 180 in length and the new ones are 175's. I hope to get more feedback from him on specifics.

AND gesh....who would think of going on any ski trip without duct tape, files, guides, sandpaper, wax, brush, tsk tsk..... ::)

Now, I release all my magical powers I thought I had on snowfall and return all trust to our weathermen!

best, g


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Re: Progressor 8+ (2010-11 model)
« Reply #16 on: January 03, 2012, 09:12:28 am »
Anybody, who can adjust Powerrail bindings, can use a dedicated 3 degree edge beveling tool and some diamond files. We don't want the FSB skidding out on some groomed eastern, how do we say this correctly, "hard pack".[size=78%] [/size]
That's awesome to know.  I'll make sure that I give the tuning tools back to Lynn, I'm sure she doesn't want the FSB getting hurt either.  ::)
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