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Re: New ski dilemma
« on: December 20, 2011, 07:48:17 am »
I'm jumping in to offer some thoughts solely based on a demo day with both the Richtor and the Fire Arrow 80. I loved the Fire Arrow best of all the demo skis I did last year. Had it on some softer eastern snow that day. I'm about your size and my style of skiing is more turn oriented than high speed oriented. In three runs, they just stuck in my mind. They may have some of the worst graphics on a modern ski - many people will not buy it for that reason alone, plus, it is a very pricey ski. It's a system ski so it does come with bindings, not sure of how much your cost would be, but, $500 - $600 was seen for last years version, I could be tempeted to buy yours if you did not like them.

I could not wait to give the Richtor back to the K2 rep. Stiff and lifeless on the same snow as above. A friend skied it next and he liked it, but, he skis a very stiff Volkl that I do not like.

Nobody should ever buy a ski based on my experiences. I can't see the benefit of rocker in a narrower ski (by today's standard), and, remain convinced it's there more for marketing.
I would get my money back and start anew. 
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