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KneeBinding, feedback


There may already be a threat about the KneeBinding (if so, please direct me to it), but if one exists I've had trouble finding it because there are a lot of hits for "knee(s)" and "binding(s)" when I search the site.  I'm spelling it as one word here because that's how is it seems like the company spells it.

I've been curious about trying a pair since I started hearing about them a couple years ago, but as of now have not had the chance.  My main concern is that there would be problems with early release.  The company claims this is not the case, but I was wondering if any aggressive skiers out there have tried them, on and off piste, and if they could provide some feedback?

Thanks. Dylan


This going to be repetitive, but, go to and search for "knee binding", there are many threads, including one opened for results from the '11 -'12 season. We are a small community and no one here skis with them.


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