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Re: Fischer Vacuum Boots
« on: December 06, 2011, 01:28:13 pm »
Probably like you, the whole  Vacum concept makes great sense to me. In our area, they don't have the machine that does the re-mold work on the boots. I have talked with guys who have skied them set up and they loved them. The local rep said we'd have one in our local ski shop next season.

If you've got a shop in the neighborhood, seems to me the Fischer Vacum is a great way to get a very custom fit to your foot. The other thing I had not tried was the stance the boots sets the foot in. Again, I've been told it's not noticeable when standing but easier edge to edge.

I love how they can totally customize the boot for stance, cant, frankensten toes, etc...

If you decide to go this way, please post a review of the product, the process and the performance.

When I was looking for new boots, my 2nd choice was the Lange RS pro 130 and I really lucked out...the fit was unaturally fantastic....just a little 6 toe heat up.

Good luck....boot fit is the key to great performance....   Gary
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