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Re: Rossignol Strato 70TI length
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2011, 05:02:55 am »
Googles ski website and posted.  Nothing more. 
Other websites are much less tolerant of questions like this, and I just tried with this site.  I really like the ability to get information without too much judgement.  Then you can not make a mistake, hopefully, with an investment.

Strato 70---Last Jan and Feb I demoed skis...Volkl AC 30, K2 multiple models, Rossi Avenger 82 and 76. 
I just remember feeling better on this ski than the others.  I think it was easier to ski than the Avenger series...
I will keep posting.

Well if you are a strong skier, I am not surprised the Strato 70 felt better than all those skis.  It has close to race room construction, full laminate build.   It also comes with a much better binding.  Like it's been said, if the price is right and a slalom carver is what you are looking for, it would be hard to beat the Strato 70ti in a 165cm.

Are you an're posting @ 4:48am??? :D