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Re: Rossignol Strato 70TI length
« on: November 06, 2011, 11:16:49 am »
Thanks for replies.
Svend, what skis would you say give a more relaxed ride?
My days are spent with me and wife alone or with friends in the morning, and then with kids in the afternoon.   
I realize this is not an out west ski, but will be going to colorado to do the same in 2012.  Any thoughts there as well?


BT -- I really couldn't say which ski would be more relaxed.  As I mentioned, I have not skied the Strato 70 or even held one in a shop.  I only looked at the 80, and it may be a completely different ski to the 70.  Perhaps Liam or Living Proof could provide some insight as to how forgiving the 70Ti / CX70 is?  And how suitable to your preferred kind of skiing and skill level, terrain?

Like LP said, if you give us some more info about your style, speed, type of turns, etc., then we can give you some feedback.  There are lots of guys here who are always happy to help out with this kind of question.