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Re: Rossignol Strato 70TI length
« on: November 06, 2011, 09:03:08 am »

Welcome to the forum, may you ski long and prosper.

I have not skied the strato 70TI. The last Rossi Strato I skied was the original purple one in the late 60's. I do ski on Head's narrow, short radius, carver: the iSuperShape. The subscription RealSkiers Site does give similar comments about the 70TI and the iSS.

I am on my second pair of iSS's. I started off on a pair of 160's. My second pair is 165. I am 5'4'' at 155lbs. I found the 160s worked well when first working on carving technique. I agree with LP  that the longer length is a more stable ride at speed and in chopped up conditions. I still jump on the shorter skis on ice and to work on technique.

Depending on your goals and technique, the 165 for learning carving and hardpack conditions. The 170 if you have perfected carving skills and using the ski in a wider range of conditions.

Hope this helps, meput