Author Topic: Rossignol Strato 70TI length  (Read 2114 times)


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Re: Rossignol Strato 70TI length
« on: November 06, 2011, 06:52:08 am »
Hi to d welcome to the Real Skiers site.

I did demo the Rossi CX70 that Liam described, and, agree with all that he said. It's a fine carver and for anyone skiing on a smaller mountain, working on short radius carving, it would serve very well. The era of the short radius carver is in decline, and, you will not find a lot of love for narrow skis. Having said that, there are several who post here, including me, who ski narrow skis as a daily driver at our home mountain, and, work on the technique to use them. I agree that a 165 would work, it will be on edge more, more turny and a less stable at speed than a 170. My leaning would be to the 170.

I would like to know more about the types of turns you want to make. If you prefer wider radius turns, go straighter and at higher speeds, then, the ski does not match your style.