Author Topic: Wider skis for my wife?  (Read 2648 times)


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Re: Wider skis for my wife?
« Reply #30 on: November 07, 2011, 02:53:18 pm »
I will be demo'ing some wider skis this year with an eye to upgrading my "powder ski" for next season.
My range would be 88-96mm at the widest.
No need for more than that given my height/weight.

Svend, keeps us updated on "the search".
As you know, I have a vested interest in Teryls' ski choices!
Her pans would probably help keep my demo list narrower.

Just saw posts made while typing mine.

Svend, I have found the Maungas very decent in powder > 12 inches.
I found it floaty enough. Now, I don't have that much powder experience, but they have served me well when lucky enough to experience a fresh dump.
They are quite soft too, which helps make bumps more manageable as well. (well, maybe not the rock hard trenches)
Jim skied behind me on a powder day at Alta in Catherines Area.
He said I was just slightly under the surface which led him on the chase for a better floater for himself!


Hey Lynn, just saw your addendum way back in this thread.....sorry for the late reply.  Thanks for the input on your Fischers.  It's good to know that for a 130 lb skier, an 85mm ski will work and give decent float, even if only for the occasional powder day.  Maybe not the "ideal" width, but very serviceable, especially with a bit of velocity (should not be a problem, given the penchant for speed of the skier in question  :o ).  She is keen to demo, and has just put the Nordica Nemesis on the short list, so it will be interesting to hear the final judgement at the end of the season.  We'll keep you posted on progress, but please do the same -- if you get on a 95 or 98mm ski and go "Wow", you've got to let us know....

So....when do the new Progressor 8's get their first test run? Can't wait to hear your feedback on those.