Author Topic: Wider skis for my wife?  (Read 2648 times)


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Re: Wider skis for my wife?
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Alice at 5'3 and 107lbs is on Atomic Heaven and Hells, 99 underfoot....heck man...she could float on water with those bad girls. AND yet, she wants to demo some rocker tips this season. She was not always that easy...hmmm...let me re-state....she was rather stubborn about trying any new skis.....until that 12" of wet snow at Jackson. Her Kastle MX78 just didn't give her what SHE needed in those conditions.

BUT....simply stated...her confidence level in 3d boot high and above quadtripled, she uses less energy making soft butter turns or steamroller crushing crud turns, it's a tool that elevates the FUN factor and reduces the Fatigue and Fear factor.

Recapping Gary's rule of 3 F's"
Fun (increases)
Faitigue (is reduced)
Fear (no where to be seen)

You will not find any of that in a calculator or formula....Now whatever that tool is, whatever she demo's and loves, "Gary's rule of 3" just might apply!  ;)

They do for me!

Svend...I believe for Terryl, her powder tool (I said Powder) should be soft at the shovel for climbing over things, wide enough to float, quick enough to turn, narrower tail than shovel for easy release,  approx 16meters turn radius, generally forgiving and absorbing.  Oh yeah...this works for me too!  :D

Best, G
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