Author Topic: Wider skis for my wife?  (Read 2648 times)


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Re: Wider skis for my wife?
« on: November 03, 2011, 07:12:02 am »
You are correct, you pretty fully explained what you were looking for.

In the skis that I suggested, obviously I like my Ullr's Chariots (equivalent dimensions to the Goddess).  Lynn demoed the Isis/Rave and it took her about 200 yards to decide she REALLY liked them (and she wasn't/isn't looking for new wide skis). Most of the rest of the demo time was just her convincing herself that her first impression really was accurate.
I also think that even in soft snow there are some advantages to skis with more sidecut.  Example. Comparing her Dynastar with the Isis. Waist = 85 vs 92. Tip = 121 vs 131. Tail 104 vs 117. Not that much extra waist width, but a lot more surface area tip and tail. And, I think, the wider tip really helps float keep the tip of the ski up. I know nothing about the Icelantic except it is female specific and in between the Nomad and the Pilgrim (two pretty good skis).

(And, if you have a Ski Logik demo location, then you need to give me your thoughts on an Ullr's Chariot as well -- in both TwinTip and Rocker Logik if you please).  ;D
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