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Re: Wider skis for my wife?
« on: November 02, 2011, 09:57:08 pm »
Svend: I think you missed Bushwacka's main point.  Your initial post asked "does my wife NEED (my capitals) new skis? He was just keying on the word "need" and saying that none of us "need" new skis -- in fact we don't really NEED to ski. Just like my new road bike, I didn't NEED it in any rational sense, but I chose to get it anyway. 

I agree with several points. 
1. For people in Josh's skiing group, I can believe that they see no limit to the width or amount of float they could use.  However, I doubt that even they take out their widest board every time they go skiing, and he has identified his personal trade-offs in different ski length and width for different locations and types of skiing. Same process you are looking at, but different. Interestingly, I don't see snowboards getting wider than they were 5 years ago??  So maybe there is some limit to the amount of float that is necessary or acceptable to whatever the trade-offs might be.
2. I remember PhysicsMan on Epic having the same level of numbers as far as surface area of skis and how much less width lighter women needed than guys. But I also believe that surface area doesn't tell the whole story.  The Spatula with its really wide waist probably had a greater feel of float than a "classical" ski with the same surface area but with a narrower waist, plus all of the other ski characteristics that y'all mentioned.
3. I think BW's comments about ski width compared to boot last width is VERY interesting.  I had not thought about that.
4. There is a lot to be said for "confidence in one's equipment." (right guys?)  Your wife might very well grow more because she has confidence in her current skis than with new skis that she doesn't know as well.
5. I would say "demo some skis in the 95-100 width" in a variety of conditions, and make a decision if she finds one that she really likes.  If she doesn't, then the skis she has are pretty good, will grow with her, and won't require a narrower second ski as much? 
6. And remember that, in general, wives aren't as much gear whores as we are.  It's almost discouraging sometimes that Lynn can easily lust over shoes or jackets, but not so easily with skis!!

PS. And if you get a chance, have her ski a SkiLogik TwinTip ISIS (131-92-117 15m), Goddess (140-101-126 15m), or Icelantic Oracle (138-100-122 16m) as contrast with more powder oriented skis with less sidecut.
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