Author Topic: Wider skis for my wife?  (Read 2648 times)


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Re: Wider skis for my wife?
« on: November 02, 2011, 05:04:39 pm »
does she need wider skis - simple answer is no.

Jim IMO the jump is from about 105mm on hard surfaces, IE alot of skis over 105mm hurt my knees on harder snow. some people limits are lower I am sure, and some are higher. It also has to do with foot width and how much people can generate angle.

nomad SFTs for instance never hurt my knees, but the Cochise had my knees screaming, and I bet that had alot to do with the fact the Cochise were a much better carver and I could get higher edge angles on it.

None of the 100mm and below skis have never hurt my knees, since most peoples foot are around 98mm wide it makes sense alot of people rave about how versatile the 98mm/100mm skis out are.

demo some skis and find out.

are all more playful side of things has flex very much like the dynstar she is on.

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all will be fine on groomers really. In fact I think some are actually better on groomers than the exclusive powder.