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This sort of ties back to an earlier topic, but I thought I would start anew with slightly more specific information.

Last year, Ski Logik had three different families of skis.  They had their twin tips, their "Rocker Logik" skis, and their "rocker/rocker" really wide skis..  The "rocker logik" was, if I remember correctly, an early rise tip only.

This year, if you look at their website, you will see that they have a TT (Twin Tip) and RL overlap in 4 of their skis.  Rumor has it that they accomplish the conversion from TT -> RL by keeping the running surface and central construction of the ski exactly the same, but dramatically shorten the tail and add all of the length in the form of an early rise to the front of the ski.

This moves the running surface of the ski back (or adds length to the front, whichever) but doesn't change the balance point on groomed snow or the BOF/CRS binding mount.  Freeskier loved their Rocker Logik Howitzer ski last year, but rumor has it that the rocker logik add-on to their UC and Rave twin tips is too stiff.

Any thoughts? I would suggest that anyone considering these skis be aware of the difference and should certainly demo the RL versions before buying, since that isn't what the original design and the numerous positive reviews were based on.
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