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Heap Peak 84 and Scott Mission
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:40:24 am »
Well, a few thoughts.  My friend had a new pair of boots he wanted to try (just fitted with the assitance of John Fieg in Salt Lake,  Harald Harb's friend and conultant on alignment) so we went to Grand Targhee Sat.  Still need a t least a foot or better yet 2 feet but had fun.
1.  Scott Mission.  Used my two year old model all over the hill.  Reminded again how user friendly this ski is.  Not bouncy, but when tipped on edge it comes around amazingly quickly.  Smooth.  Very forgiving.
2.  My new Head Peak 84.  I used this one only on Targhee's lowever beginner hill - the only place with safe snow cover.  But, my initial impression is that it is all Harald Harb and Peter Keelty have said.  Truly feels like I will have a successor to my M78.  Strong powerful edge.  Much quicker edge to edge than the Mission.  Wonderful for PMTS technique.  Very powerful edge.  My friend who had not heard of PMTS could see the trenches they would carve when tipped and when I (not always) would get the strong leg flexing working.  On the lower part of the run directly under the lift there was a bit of chopped crud and a few trainer bumps (bimps).  Mucho fun on the Peak 84.  This and the Icon TT80 will likely become my day to day skis this year.  Note:  I have not skiied the Jam.  I'd like to, but with a new Mission here and the Peak 84's I figured that was enough for now.
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