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Re: Arrival: Ski Logik Chariots!!
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Well, Liam asked for a bit more information about where I patrol and what I like.

Liam, I am at a small area outside Idhao Falls called Kelly Canyon.  About 1000 veritcal, but only 25 minutes from home.  But for the last 18 years I have also been an examiner for those patrollers taking their senior ski and toboggan test so I travel around quite a bit.  Beaver Mtn. near Logan, Utah where I grew up and  Alta and Targhee are favorites. 
The ski I use the most:  well, when I don't know what to expect or can only take one pair the M78 is it.  Although beginning last year I am really starting to like the Mission more al lthe time.  It has become my "fat" ski.  It is not "bouncy" or quick side to side as some skis might be - farily damp.  But when you tip it on edge it is very turney and for me really carves around.  And it is extremely forgiving.  It's what I call me hero ski - makes me look like a hero-- if that is even possible.   Works very well with a toboggan.
The Icon TT80, well-- just fun  and truly has helped my skiing.  It is all the things Harald Harb says about it.  Fellow patrollers notice the improvement in my turns last year with it.  If the snow is groomed or hard I use it all the time - and even into about 8 inches of powder.  And I just love standing their next to someone I just watched come down the hill skidding their big fatties sideways and then looking at my "little" Icons.  I'm kind of "counterculture".