Author Topic: Arrival: Ski Logik Chariots!!  (Read 1335 times)


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Re: Arrival: Ski Logik Chariots!!
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2011, 01:19:30 pm »
Most of the comments on the original TT version of the Chariot ring true with my assessment.  It was surprisingly poor at handling crud and chop.  It has a heavier feel on snow, but it doesn't translate into greater stability.  That's surprising because on paper you would think that this ski should be better (due to the construction layup).

I've skied the TT version of the Chariot 3 different times under very different conditions - each time hoping for a better experience because I just love their graphics and what the company is trying to achieve.  I had a nice long convo with Dave Mazz at SIA last January and the guy clearly has a specific direction he's trying to take all of his models in.  I think he just needs to assemble a better group of testers to give him more accurate feedback.  Some of his new narrower designs are getting much better (Occam's Razor and Front Burner) while I still wasn't liking the TT Rave after a few times out on that one. 

I haven't yet skied any of the newer RL versions of his models.  Surprisingly they weren't out for the early season demos in CO.  The Rockstar looks like something I would enjoy on a deep day.  The DPS 112RP is the ski that convinced me that a wide "mustache" camber ski design can really work well if executed properly.

JBotti - given your appreciation for the Shaman, the Chariot may work out well for you.  You're significantly bigger than me and that will certainly alter what you get out of those skis.

For those looking for skis in the same realm without early rise or rocker look at Movement, Scott, and ZAG for models with tighter turn radii that can get the job done in deeper snow.