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Re: Arrival: Ski Logik Chariots!!
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2011, 05:42:22 am »
Sorry didn't get to finish the last post.  I really wonder about a couple of things.  One, I don't really mind being down in the powder, perhaps 90 mm in the waist ona ski is about tops for where I want to be, no matter how deep.  And two, the wide ones make my knees hurt and tire me out.  Also, for your info.  I am quite knock kneed.  I am aligned -- utilizing HSS system footbeds and one of Harald's friends and consultants in Salt Lake.  About a 4 degree cant on the right side.  Huge improvement and a real game changer.  Other info some folks inquried about:  age 58, height 5. 10" weight about 188.  Ski patroller.  My ski was the 175 or whatever is close to that in their line, sorry I' ve forgotten as I sit here typing.  Again, I think it is an excellent company and wish them much success.   Another patroller in Salt Lake bought it.  Well, best I can do for now to provide input.  Current arsenal:  Head M78, new Peak 84 Pro, Head Icon tt80  and two Scott Missions (one brand new for this year, the other two years old).

I hear good things about the Scott Mission--one of our local dealers loves them and I've been meaning to check them out.

Where do you Patrol?   Which of your skis get's the most use when you're working?  Over the years, I have found that for Sled and rescue work in heavy/ deep snow in bumps or in trees slightly softer, wider, twin tips (or at least skis with soft, easy releasing tails) are the golden ticket.

One thing I've always liked about Head's wider skis, is that they have always had fairly easy releasing (and very mildly twinned) tails--this was true with my old Head Monster 88's straight on up.   I ski the Dynastar 4x4 as my 70% ski, but it is a terrible patrolling ski (it is a great technical ski and east coast crud ski however).   

If I could find a ski that gave the user-friendly patrol ski feel of my icelantics, but had the technical skiing chops of my dynastars, I'd buy it on the spot...on paper, the Ullr's Chariot seems to fit that bill (though reviews other than Peter's make me hesistant so far). 

Thinking about maybe the 2012 Dynastar Legend 94's....