Author Topic: Arrival: Ski Logik Chariots!!  (Read 1335 times)


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Re: Arrival: Ski Logik Chariots!!
« Reply #15 on: December 02, 2011, 06:50:30 pm »
Yeah that's consistent with what Dawg was saying. If I find them to be the same I will probably sell them as well. I don't think it's the turn radius because I ski the Shaman in the 184 with an 18m TR and Max skis the 172 iwth a 15m TR and that ski does fine in crud. It is actually a bit stiffer than both of us want but not to the degree that we would say it beats us up. It is also wider than we both want and if I ski it multiple days in a row I definitely feel it in my knees some. It has to be the stiffness or the torsional rigidity.

I will again say that the ski does not hand flex like a ski that will be too stiff and having said that it is generally skis that are too soft that are problematic in crud. The Shaman 184's are tanks and they eat crud as they just bulldoze through it.

Clearly I will have to ski them and see what they are like. The last thing I need or want is a 101mm waisted carving ski. If it sucks in pow, chop and crud, it's not going to have many uses for me, because I am not going to take it out on a groomer day and destroy my knees arcing tight carved turns on it on hard snow (there are just too many other skis to do that on that will always be much more fun and a lot easier on the body!).