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Re: Arrival: Ski Logik Chariots!!
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Sorry didn't get to finish the last post.  I really wonder about a couple of things.  One, I don't really mind being down in the powder, perhaps 90 mm in the waist ona ski is about tops for where I want to be, no matter how deep.  And two, the wide ones make my knees hurt and tire me out.  Also, for your info.  I am quite knock kneed.  I am aligned -- utilizing HSS system footbeds and one of Harald's friends and consultants in Salt Lake.  About a 4 degree cant on the right side.  Huge improvement and a real game changer.  Other info some folks inquried about:  age 58, height 5. 10" weight about 188.  Ski patroller.  My ski was the 175 or whatever is close to that in their line, sorry I' ve forgotten as I sit here typing.  Again, I think it is an excellent company and wish them much success.   Another patroller in Salt Lake bought it.  Well, best I can do for now to provide input.  Current arsenal:  Head M78, new Peak 84 Pro, Head Icon tt80  and two Scott Missions (one brand new for this year, the other two years old).