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Re: Mtn bike advice
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Interesting that a wider bar may actually give more agility.  I had a hunch that narrower would not be better -- thanks for confirming that.  Actually just read a mtn. bike blog from the UK, from someone who rides the same 29er bike as I do, and he was commenting on the great improvement in handling by going to a wider flat bar.....710mm, I think.  Confirmed....twice.  Time to visit the LBS  8)

As for reach, I like the idea of bar ends.  I really only wanted a touch longer reach on the flat gravel rail trail, which is about a 10km ride until I get to the trails in the woods. 

Agreed....Ergo grips are great -- I don't have them yet, but Terryl does on her bike and loves them.

Update on the SPD multi-release cleats (Shimano SM-SH56) on Terryl's shoes:  after 3 rides, the verdict is all good so far.  Release of the injured leg (no ACL) is FAR better than with the standard cleats -- much easier to twist out in all directions.  No verdict on a panic bail as yet, so don't know if that is going to work better.....will let you know....
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